Ministry Overview

mission statement

The mission of Event Evangelism, Inc., SOS Events Ministry is to strive toward the completion of the Circle of Life with the help of trained team leaders and missionaries with SOS Events Ministry. The Circle of Life would be completed through the following steps in consecutive order.

Every State, country, and town in the USA to be reached with the Gospel in God’s perfect timing.

Every person that makes a profession of faith has an opportunity to be taught by a trained volunteer or a SOS staff member.

Christians nationwide will have an opportunity to Serve Our Savior in their community, state, or traveling as God directs.

Discipleship and Service to be learned and practiced to teach others.

mission verse

Jesus said, “I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.” John 12:46

vision statement

To reach the entire country, in God’s timing, with the cooperation of many individuals dedicated to the work of the Lord. Our desire is for many souls to be saved through a simple presentation of the Gospel. Jesus’ words were simple, “And he saith unto them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.’” Matthew 4:19


SOS Ministries was founded by Tom and Carolyn Curtis in 2001 with a vision to reach the entire country with the cooperation of many churches. This vision was given to Tom and Carolyn who have directly and indirectly been involved with seeing many souls come to know the Lord as their Savior. Knowing what God requires of us and experiencing what He has done, brings both excitement and challenge. It is our desire to see as many come to Christ as possible. We would like to challenge each one who reads this to become a part of this effort through direct involvement or indirectly by praying and supporting SOS Ministries.

SOS stands for Serving Our Savior. The Ministry has held events in 26 states and has had a part in leading thousands of people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We have trained over 250 churches how to win souls at events. The following are a few examples of some event results: 139 decisions at the James Dean Festival in Indiana, 130 decisions to accept Christ at a church Harvest Hayride in New Jersey, over 2,500 decisions made during the Strawberry Festivals in Florida. These people who have accepted Christ as their Savior are now 100% sure they will go to heaven. There are many different types of events that SOS is involved with, to name a few would include the Florida Strawberry Festival, Easter Egg Hunts at churches, Church Yard Sales, Neighborhood Block Parties, Fall Festivals, Car Shows and Art Shows.

Follow up for the new believer is handled two different ways. One is by giving the decision cards to the participating churches and the other through the Source of Light Ministry which offers free, age appropriate, Bible studies.

Carolyn, as well as the SOS Event missionaries, train people interested in learning how to share The Three Things God Cannot Do. With its simplicity, it is easy for all to understand God’s love and His desire for us to have the assurance of heaven.

Salvation is a free gift of God offered to man by his grace and received by repentance and personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal and desire is to train committed workers to share The Three Things God Cannot Do. By training and sharing we will be able to further the Life Saving News of Jesus Christ. If you or a group from your church would like to learn about The Three Things God Cannot Do and be trained to tell others please email your request to

One of the most exciting aspects of pursuing God’s blessings is learning to see what He is doing around you at all times. Jesus said, “My Father is always at His Work.” John 5:17. We are busy at His work. You are invited to join us!

Tom has gone home to be with the Lord May 14, 2016. The Lord’s ministry of Event Evangelism is continuing to thrive and many souls trusting in Jesus as Savior.

We look forward to Serving Our Savior with you.