Basic bible study

Gospel of John – Lesson 6


Meditation on the Word of God is perhaps the most neglected of blessings that Christians have today. Two of God’s greatest promises are conditioned on meditation. Look up Psalm 1:2-3 and Joshua 1:8.

The purpose of the Bible is to change us into Christians. To be like Christ. The following suggestions will help you to understand the verses and apply them to your life. Here are 4 verses for you to meditate on this week. Write out what this verse has to say to you personally.

1. John 14:21
Does this verse have:
2. John 16:24
Does this verse have:
3. John 5:34
Does this verse have:
4. John 9:31
Does this verse have:
Prayerfully think through on how you can use these verses in your life now. (to meet a personal need, help a friend, believe God, increase prayer, witness, and so forth.)
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