Basic bible study

Gospel of John – Lesson 4

The Disciple

A disciple of Jesus is one who follows Him and learns about Him. Jesus gathered His disciples about himself and commanded them to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” This was his last earthly command. This study will aid you in finding His will for your life. Please answer each question, after prayerful meditation on the verses given.

The true disciple – the marks of reality.

The obedient disciple-the marks of responsiveness.
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Sin, ignorance, laziness, and fear can keep us from winning others to the Lord Jesus. Daily spending time in prayer and Bible study, together with consistent memorizing of Scripture, are basic essentials for Spirit led witnessing.


1. Prayerful planning – List things to be done in order of priority.

2. Obedient selection – Do the most important things first and in faith commit unfinished ones to the Lord.

3. Concentration and diligence – Do the task you select wholeheartedly. Do one thing at a time and stay with it until it (or the part selected) is completed.