Basic bible study

New Testament – Lesson 12


Stewardship involves managing someone else’s property. The Christian is a steward of both his life and his property since both belong to God.

Write out some areas in which God expects us to be good stewards.
“It’s not who you are or what you have that matters--but whether Christ controls you.”
Scriptural giving should include these things steps:

1. Prayerfully decide what percentage of your income you will give to the Lord--a minimum below which you will not go.

2. Set aside the Lord’s portion first, whenever you receive money. Put it aside as His and do not use it for personal needs--even to borrow.

3. Prayerfully distribute the Lord’s money, as He directs, at a regular time-- weekly or monthly.
To experience the power of God we must be faithful in the following:
Set aside an offering for the Lord regularly.
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