Basic bible study

Gospel of John – Lesson 1

New Life

This course will help you understand what God is like. If you really want a satisfying life, you can find it by studying the Bible. Not only will you find God’s guidelines, but you will be able to know what God wants for your life.

To answer the following questions-just look up the references from the Gospel of John, think through what the verse means, then complete the blank or the other instructions. Pray for guidance. Use only the verses given to answer the question. Let the Spirit of God teach you God’s Word.

So far we have seen that the Bible tells us about Jesus. It also tells us about people, that they are sinful and just do not think about God. They would rather be in the dark than accept Jesus Christ-the “light of the world.” Here’s the problem: God hates sin and all people are sinners. God doesn’t want anyone to continue to live in sin because the consequence of sin is eternal death (lake of fire). God loves us and He made a way of escape so we don’t have to go to the lake of fire. He paid the price for our sin; He died that we may live.
9. Give 2 reasons why God let His only Son die on the cross. (John 3:16)
One becomes a child of God by believing that Jesus, God’s Son, died for man’s sins, and that He was buried and that He rose again and is alive forever. Believing this, one receives Christ into his life as Lord and Savior, trusting Him for eternal life and has a desire to serve Him.

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