basic bible study

The Basic Bible Studies are great for a new Christian to get to know and understand who Jesus is. These 12 lessons will help you grow in your walk with Christ.

Each lesson is interactive and upon completion of all lessons, you will receive a Certificate. God Bless in getting to know your Savior.

Lesson #1

Gospel Of John

New Life

This course will help you understand what God is like. If you really want a satisfying life, you can find it by studying the Bible. Not only will you find God’s guidelines, but you will be able to know what God wants for your life.

Lesson #2

Gospel Of John

Jesus Christ the Lord

This lesson teaches us some of the things Jesus Christ
actually said about himself and His relation to the Father, what others said about Him, and how we may know for sure that we have eternal life.

Lesson #3

Gospel Of John

The Abundant Life

Meeting Christ and receiving Him as Lord and Savior of your life may take only a moment of time, but getting to know Him is a matter of growing spiritually by reading the Bible, praying, and fellowshipping with other Christians. Sin is the only thing that will block our relationship with Jesus.

Lesson #4

Gospel Of John

The Disciple

A disciple of Jesus is one who follows Him and learns about Him. Jesus gathered His disciples about himself and commanded them to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” This was his last earthly command. This study will aid you in finding His will for your life.

Lesson #5

Gospel Of John

Claiming the Promises

A Promise is “one’s pledge to do or not to do what is specified.” God has placed in the Bible over 3000 promises to do. Some of His promises are conditioned on obedience and others are unconditional. But all must be claimed by faith to receive their blessings. There are over 60 promises in the Gospel of John.

Lesson #6

Gospel Of John


Meditation on the Word of God is perhaps the most neglected of blessings that Christians have today. Two of God’s greatest promises are conditioned on meditation. Look up Psalm 1:2-3 and Joshua 1:8.

The purpose of the Bible is to change us into Christians. To be like Christ. The following suggestions will help you to understand the verses and apply them to your life.

Lesson #7

Gospel Of John

Review the Book of John

This lesson is a review of what you have learned from the book of John. See how many questions you can answer correctly. Remember to pray before you start.

Lesson #8

New Testament

Your Life as a Christian

The Bible is the source of your spiritual food, the Bible Study is only a tool.

When Christ enters your life through faith, the Bible calls this the new birth.

Lesson #9

New Testament

The Christian and the Word

There is a great deal of similarity between physical growth and spiritual growth. To neglect food in either case means trouble.

Lesson #10

New Testament

The Christian and the Prayer

Prayer is a slender nerve that moves the arm of God. It begins and ends in God, we only close the circuit.

Lesson #11

New Testament

The Christian and His Service

Lesson #12

Old & New Testament

The Christian and His Stewardship

Stewardship involves managing someone else’s property. The Christian is a steward of both his life and his property since both belong to God.