Soul Winning Testimonies

Below are several Soul Winning Testimonies. One of the most powerful and impactful is from our co-founder Tom Curtis. Some of the others are from pastors who have used our “3 Things God Cannot Do” strategy at their churches. And let’s not forget about the event workers who are on the front line.  

Soul Winning Testimony of Tom Curtis

Co-Founder of Event Evangelism, Inc. dba SOS Events

soul winning testimonies

Tom Curtis, Co-Founder SOS Events

In Joshua 1:8 the Bible talks about success. I had a desire in life to be very successful. I thought I had reached my goal. I had a good family, a great business and all the material things I had ever dreamed of.

One day I planned to take 20 of my business associates to Put-in-Bay for the day on my motor yacht, purchased from Hershey Chocolate Company. When I got as far as the harbor light, there was a radio call from the Coast Guard. They gave me instructions to go to a land line phone and call my home. I knew the nearest land line phone was at a marina about ½ hour away.

My secretary and others were told not to call me unless it was an emergency. That ½ hour ride was very stressful not knowing what had occurred. When I arrived at the marina, I went to the phone to call home. When the call was answered I was told something terrible happened and to come home immediately. I needed a car to get back and found a friend who was willing to drive me. It was a 2 hour drive and on the way we listened to the radio. The announcer said there had been an explosion in the area where I lived and a little boy was critically burned. Needing to call home again we stopped to use a pay phone. This time I asked if my son had been burned. “Go to the hospital,” I was told.

My son Nick, 12 years old, was playing at home with 3 friends when a gasoline can stored in the carport, on some cartons, overturned on him and he was covered in gas. The details are sketchy. When Nick went to ask his mother for a change of clothes, she opened the door, he was a ball of flames and burned over 80% of his body.

When I got to the hospital, the doctors told me, “Nick’s chance of survival is zero.” Champion Spark Plug Company offered to fly Nick to the Boston Shrine Hospital. He was in that hospital for 3 months where he went through much pain and suffering. All I could do was watch my son in torment. I tried to pray but I thought God only answered prayer in a church. I did not know the Lord. Many of the churches in Boston were closed and chained shut during the week.  No one except one lady, who gave me a Bible, even tried to witness to me.

In the meantime, business was failing for lack of leadership and I had to fly home to Toledo to try to get things back on track. While in Toledo, I received a phone call from the hospital that said I needed to return immediately as Nick was failing fast. “Go right up to see Nick; he will not be with us much longer” I was told when I got back to the hospital.

soul winning testimoniesI held Nick’s hand and he asked me this question, “Dad, do you know Jesus Christ personally?” My reply was, “Nick there is no way anyone can know Jesus because He is dead.” Nick said, “Dad, I know Him” and died. 

It was after the death of my son in 1971 that I realized business, yacht and even church attendance brought no peace. My heart was broken and 9 years went by until a new Christian came into my office one afternoon and said, “Tom Curtis, do you know what’s wrong with you?” My answer was, “Get out of my office.”

He left but he went and asked people to pray for me. He came back a few minutes later and invited me to go to church on that Wednesday night. I felt bad the way I had treated him so I consented to go. The pastor preached a sermon that I thought was all about me. The Pastor asked some questions I had never been asked before, “Do you believe the Bible?” soul winning testimonies“Do know you are a sinner?” “Do you know Jesus Christ personally?” I heard that somewhere before, but where?

When the preacher gave the invitation, I begged God to save me. The change in my life was immediate and I promised God I would serve Him the rest of my life and tell everyone I could about a relationship with Jesus. Bible study and prayer became a priority, a desire to choose friends who loved God, and a great desire to tell others they need to be born again. Many trials came into my life: loss of health, loss of all material gain and profit.

Through it all God has given me an even stronger desire to serve the Lord. Since retiring from a successful business career, I have since been called to win souls for over 30 years. In 2001 my wife, Carolyn, and I founded SOS Events ministry (Serving Our Savior) to reach the lost for Jesus in America.

Soul Winning Testimony from an Event Worker

This is a video of one of our event workers.

Please pay close attention to her explainig what it’s like to present the Gospel to lost sinners and have them accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

It brings great joy to her heart and soul.

Soul Winning Testimonies from Pastors

“When I first came across SOS Events at a conference earlier in the year, my first impression was that it would never work in our community. We did end up inviting them to come help us, and in the three days that we ran the booth, we saw 75 people make commitments to Christ. I would like to recommend to you Don and Shirley Regel and SOS Events. The 3 hour training session they provided was uncomplicated, enjoyable and effective.”

REV PETER ENNS SR | PASTOR, Root River Community Church | Rushford, MN

“In the summer of 2002, Tom and Carolyn partnered with us at the Lucas County Fair. With the help and training of Tom and Carolyn, we had just over 600 people pray to be saved. This past summer, 2003, we had 400 decisions for Christ. Almost all of the conversions are face to face decisions from witnessing one on one. Last Sunday, we had a young couple join our church as a result of the fair.”

RUSS MERRIN | RETIRED PASTOR, Monclova Rd Baptist Church | Monclova, OH

“What a joy it is for me to recommend SOS Events to you. We had both zealous and timid people who sat side by side, learning the ABCs of sharing the Gospel. It was a joy to watch our people gain confidence to share the Gospel. We were able to share the Plan of Salvation with over twenty individuals. The Lord gave us five professions of faith.”

CORVIN S SELTZER JR | PASTOR, Palisades Comm Bible Church | Revere, PA

“Don & Shirley came all the way out to Montana to help train us in SOS Events. They also helped us staff the booth the entire weekend of the county fair. I am convinced that you and your congregation will greatly benefit now and for years to come from having Don and Shirley come to your church and train you with SOS Events.”

PAUL TRUEK | PASTOR, Faith Alliance Church | Sidney, MT

“It is my joy and privilege to recommend Carolyn and Tom Curtis of SOS Events. It is the best intentional strategy that I have ever witnessed. Their evangelistic approach in an event setting is the best I have ever experienced.”

DR. MICHAEL LEWIS | PASTOR, Plant City’s First Baptist Church | Plant City, FL

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**Dr. Martens wrote the Introduction in our book 101 Salvation Stories. It is called A Peppermint Story**

It was years ago at our Annual Pastors’ Conference when I stepped out just before the evening service began to find some peppermints. I knew that most of the exhibits had a bowl or two of candy for those who came by their booth.  “Most booths will be unattended because everyone is filtering into the evening service,” I thought. “I’ll just grab a handful of mints at the closest table.” The booth that I stopped at was “manned” by Carolyn. I said a quick hello and a few words of interest before grabbing a few peppermints. The story that was to unfold was far greater than just grabbing those peppermints!

After a few words about her training programs, Carolyn told me that she usually attends these conferences with her husbnd Tom, but he was unable to attend because of recent cardiac medical issues. Nevertheless she came and set up the ministry booth alone! “WOW-that’s commitment,” I thought. She then shared the tool they use in the ministry:  Three Things God Can Not Do. They developed, and have tuned, used, and re-tuned this now finely tuned tool. Tom and Carolyn travel to various churches and teach this unique tool to start a conversation with the lost and remarkably leading many to Christ.

In that introduction to SOS Events, and through that conversation, I was impressed with their desire and devotion to reach others for Christ. I insisted, “You have to come to New Jersey and present your ministry to my church.” When I got back to my seat a little later than I planned (I just wanted a few mints!) my wife asked, “What took so long?” “I ended up talking to Carolyn.” The rest is history! Tom and Carolyn did come to central New Jersey, a heavy Catholic community, to present their vision and ministry.

Every year since we were first introduced to SOS Events, a team from our church visits them in Florida for a week of training. Even though we now have people in our church who do what they taught and modeled, we love having Tom and Carolyn come by again and again. They always excite us when they work alongside us, thereby teaching yet others over the years.  They have come to our church, our school and our community events. They have gone out to dinner with us and stayed alone at the motel. They have been chauffeured from the airport and met people in lobbies. In every kind of venue, they have shown themselves genuine and effective in sharing the gospel by engaging lost people with their unique method!

We have seen it work! Over the years, members of our church, at times with Tom and Carolyn, have set up a booth at various events. Sometimes the events were sponsored by us and other times they were sponsored by community groups. Over and over we have seen people’s curiosity and interest aroused, making them willing to hear the gospel. Amazingly many respond and give their

hearts to Jesus and profess Christ as their Savior. We have even seen teens, young people and adults come back the following year with a friend in tow asking us to share our message with that friend.

We have found Tom and Carolyn humble servants in deed and conduct, sharing a unique way of engaging people with the gospel. It has been an amazing journey with them and it is no surprise that God’s people at our church always want to fly them up for a special occasion, have them stop by when they are close by and hear what God is doing through SOS Events.

You have to see it yourself – upfront and up close. You will be amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of their message.

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It is my privilege to recommend Mrs. Carolyn Curtis and the SOS Ministries as one of the most outstanding evangelism event organizations.  Since the early 2000’s I have known and invited Carolyn and her SOS organizations to help us with a Strawberry Festival booth for the purpose of leading ones to Christ.  The SOS organization has been working the festival booth since then and has led 250 to 300 people to Christ each season.  They have trained and involved workers from over 15 of our Great Commission churches.  Most every year they have had enough trained workers to staff the ten days with outstanding leaders.

Shiloh Baptist Association has had a booth at the festival over its sixty-seven years.  Most of those years provided a kind word and cup of cold water in Jesus.  Through these years, it has been rare to find ones with the compassion and skills to touch lives with the salvation Gospel in the way Carolyn Curtis and her team does.  She provides the evangelism strategy with the knowledge needed for the Holy Spirit to lead people to Christ.  She then provides them with training to touch the lives of other family members and friends.

Throughout the year, SOS provides continuous effective evangelism at Community events, yard sales, church special events, and flea markets.   It is always a blessing to hear the outstanding results.

My pastoral ministry began fifty-two years ago.  I became Director of Missions with Shiloh Baptist Association seventeen years ago.  One of my greatest pleasures has been to know and collaborate with SOS and Carolyn Curtis.  I recommend her highly as a Great Commission servant of our Lord.

Please contact us if you have questions or need additional reference. Office 813-752-6740.

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