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SOS Events is looking for church members and leaders who have the desire to become trainers then teach others to evangelize by using the 3 Things God Cannot Do strategy outlined on the home page. Are you interested in working to accomplish our Lord’s Great Commission? We invite you and your church to partner with SOS Events to reach the United States and beyond with the Lord’s guidance.

Our goal is to find one, two or more people or couples in each church who desire to be taught SOS Events’ proven method of “Event Evangelism”. They would participate in local events using the 3 Things strategy and train others to do the same thing. Spiritual maturity (regardless of age), Bible knowledge and the leading of the Holy Spirit are required.

To learn more about our 3 Things strategy, we encourage you to watch our two training videos that have been created for your convenience. The videos are 1 and 1 Training & Event Training. In order to gain access to the videos, please complete the form below. The password will be provided to you within the “submission was successful” message.

If you are interested, need more information or have any questions, please contact us via one of the methods below:

Email: info@sosevents.org

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