We want to see God fill every pew in America with 100% committed Born Again Christians. Don’t you? Will you help us? To be a good steward is to be conscious that all things we have on earth are generous gifts from God. Stewardship is to care, to have concern and to give thanks by giving of what has been given to us. God desires that first of all you give Him yourself. When you do this, you will find a certain satisfaction or wholeness.

God then wants you to use your time, talent and treasure for His purposes. This means total commitment of what you have to God. That’s a hard step to take, but it will bring complete happiness and satisfaction. At SOS Events we know how to stretch a dollar. We are one of the most cost effective ministries on the planet Earth. Please know that your donation is tax deductible and every cent will be “used right,” to bring more men, women, children and families into the Kingdom of God.

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